Why Movie Sex Is Ruining Your Sex Life

The sexiest, most erotic films of all time typically feature great-looking men and women. Their faces are gorgeous to look at, even in the throes of passion. Their bodies are either impossibly buff, or one meager pound north of anorexia. The only movie in recent memory that dared portray a fuller-figured woman having (and enjoying) sex was Train Wreck, starring Amy Schumer in the title role. “Some people feel inadequate, comparing themselves to movie stars, despite the fact that many actors look like the rest of us when they’re not made up,” says certified sex therapist Grace Landes. “We only see actors at their best, with their hair done, and in great clothes, or naked, in perfectly staged angles, and elegant lighting.” If viewing those svelte, stunning bodies tears you down instead of revving you up, you’re not alone. According to the Deseret News, men, as well as women, experience body image dissatisfaction, when they compare themselves with Hollywood hunks.

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