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Weight Loss and Nutrition

If you have been reading topics such as health, weight loss and nutrition, you will notice that health gurus oftentimes recommend breakfast meals which are rich in fiber. It is because fiber fills your stomach longer but with lower amount of calories. It means that this will significantly be of great help to people who are keen to lose weight since you will eat less during the day.

It basically helps you combat the possibility of weight gain. Another factor to consider is its beneficial effect to your digestive system.  Fiber is known to aid digestive system and as a result it lowers your exposure to colon cancer. Your colon collects a substance called carcinogen which is known to aggravate cancer and fiber has the ability to get rid of it from your body fast.

Also, Fiber is good for the heart because of its low calorie content.

There are many sources of fibers and here are suggestions on how to incorporate this on your daily diet.

Eat more fibrous fruits and vegetables. If you are doing your weekly groceries, try to replace fruit juices that contain no fiber to fibrous fruits like apple wherein a medium size contains four grams of fiber.

Another alternative is to add beans to your salads, soups and even sandwiches or make a beans based salad dressings and sandwich spread. For instance, hummus which is made of chickpeas can be a good alternative for salad dressings or you can use it also as a sandwich spread. It is not only tasty but it is beneficial to your health too.

Start your breakfast with the right food. By this, it means choosing whole grain based meals. Don’t worry because you have varied options because whole grain includes wheat, oat, maize, barley, brown rice, rye and so on. It is just a matter of learning how to prepare it and with a twist of your creativity it can be more delicious.

If you are on a journey to lose weight, then this is really the best breakfast option because you will be less hungry. It keeps your stomach throughout the morning and the most important thing is it is low calorie.

Refined grains like white rice and white bread have been stripped away from nutrients and fiber. Instead it easily turns blood sugar glucose so fat which is not good for your health. Also, minimize your consumptions of dairy and meat products because it does not contain any dose of fiber.

Include rich fiber fruits and vegetables in your dishes. Nature is full of rich fiber fruits and vegetables. So instead for sweet chocolate cake for dessert, why not choose apple or raspberries. Alternatively, you can make smoothies by combining rich fiber fruits.

Keeping a healthy habit is a matter of choice and it is a decision that affects us for the next few years of our lives. If we want to shy away from illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, and so on, then make a decision today to eat healthy foods.

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