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Wearing Clothes According to Your Figure

This fall, do not stop talking about stamps – how to date, how many, and what spectacular variety imported in one-and two-color style of dress that many of us follow. Have no fear of reaching for new types of clothes to experiment, but to a point. The prints can be as spectacular as it is aesthetically not-completed. Ne any kind of stamp stands equally well for everyone. On the contrary – the choice of the pattern must be very careful and consistent with our figure.

If you have a small bust

Opt for floral patterns and a wide cloaks and thus create the impression of more volume in the upper half of his body. Create balance in your figure like putting fitting pants and get on heels. If the curves in your body is less and you want to enhance your silhouette, look skirt or dress shapes. Try neckline is V-shaped and put his belt on the waist to create hourglass effect. A pair of sunglasses with thick frame and elegant closed shoes add a great touch to your look.

If you have a weak leg pants

Tropical prints are the solution. This type of pants successfully attract, so combine them with monochrome top or blouse. No need too many accessories for the same reason – to let the pants are the only distinctive accent in clothing.

If your hips are wider

it is advisable to avoid prints to attract not just look in the foot well. From the waist up no problem to wear a colored shirt as long as it is not too loose.

When it comes to prints, not to imagine all existing colors combined in one garment. You can find many stylish models. Combining them with a straight black skirt and knee-high average power will distract from the problem area of ??your feet.

Well-defined waist, big belly, rounded hips, slender legs

Buy jeans with a high waist. Often, women with such a figure faced with the problem that the pants fit well, but it will not fit in the waist. Try making jeans from dense fabric without spandex. The wide waist belt will look more elegant. Avoid bright colors.

Diamond-shape: narrow shoulders and hips, big belly, slender legs

Measure from the waist jeans wide in the hips and loose around the hips. Well, there will be an emphasis on models with large front and back pockets.

Inverted A-shape: the shoulders are wider than your hips

You should kidnap attention from broad shoulders and hips to increase the visual. You’d better stay jeans in bright colors, scratches, white stripes and any decorative elements. Test models that are made to the hips, and down slightly expand.

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