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Vitamin A Supplements and You

Vitamin A is one of the many vitamins that everyone needs to grow and stay healthy. This particular vitamin helps a person’s vision, aids in skeletal health, and maintains mucous membranes. A vitamin A deficiency could potentially lead to blindness. Vitamin A supplements and vitamin absorption aids may be necessary for some to get the amount of vitamin A they need.

The Benefits of Vitamin A

There are many incentives for a person to make sure that they have enough Vitamin A. A person’s teeth, skeletal structure and soft tissue are strengthened with enough Vitamin A. Clear eyesight, especially in low light conditions, is also affected by your vitamin A levels. Some aspects of the reproductive system require the vitamin to function correctly.

Foods that Have Vitamin A

Vitamin A can be found in foods that come from animals. Liver, milk and eggs have a great amount of vitamin A. Fat free milk usually has fortified Vitamin A to supplement the vitamins lost in the fat free process. Interestingly, vitamin absorption is easier if the vitamin A comes from an animal. This form of vitamin A is called preformed vitamin A.

Vitamin Absorption

There are ways to make sure that you don’t suffer from a vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin absorption can easily be aided by following a few tips. Vitamin A supplements should be taken with fatty foods. Fat greatly aids in vitamin A absorption. Vitamin E should be taken alongside vitamin A supplements as it is required to properly metabolize it. Zinc performs a similar function when combined with it.

Smokers in particular may need to take more Vitamin A. That particular habit creates many free radicals and there’s a lot of damage that comes with that. Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant which reverses that damage. Antacids should be taken sparsely as they can inhibit how much Vitamin A your body can absorb.

The Effects of Too Much or Too Little Vitamin A

A vitamin A overdose can be as bad as a vitamin A deficiency. It is rarely seen in first world countries, but it can still occur. A high dose of vitamin A at the wrong time can lead to birth defects. Several thousand IU is required for adult Vitamin A poisoning, but the overdose can occur if certain skin creams are overused. This happens because the skin cream may have a form of vitamin A called retinol.

A vitamin A deficiency can lead to a weaker immune system. Infectious diseases take hold a lot easier. Vision problems can also be prompted by a lack of the vitamin.

Due to the dangers involved with a vitamin A imbalance it is best to consult with a physician before committing to pure vitamin A supplements.

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