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Using A Teeth Whitener To Open Doors

A person’s smile is like a passport. It can open doors. And white teeth improves upon that smile. On the other hand, yellow or brown teeth give off a repulsive impression. A person can feel self conscious and uncomfortable.

So it’s no wonder that so many people are in the market for a teeth whitener. To have a whiter and brighter smile, there are basically two options. One is to have a cosmetic dentistry procedure and the other is to rely on home teeth whitening products

What Causes Tooth Discoloration

Before seeking a teeth whitener solution, it’s best to know first what causes teeth discoloration. Basically, discoloration starts to happen when the tooth enamel begins to wear down. The enamel is the protective layer of the tooth which gives it its white appearance.

However, as time goes by, this protective layer becomes worn out due to poor oral health, bad dietary choices, certain types of medication, smoking or age. Once the enamel develops cracks, the yellow dentin behind it shows through.

Furthermore, the cracks in the enamel become ideal nooks where debris and other stain-causing materials can be stored. Some people need a teeth whitener of some sort when braces are removed.

The Cosmetic Tooth Whitening System

Many people claim that cosmetic teeth whitening is the best teeth whitening method. A cosmetic dentist begins by cleaning the teeth and removing the plaque build-up that exists along the gums. The dentist will then carefully apply a teeth whitening gel to each tooth.

Once this has been completed, a beam of laser light is directed on the gel to activate the teeth whitening product. This procedure is ideal for many people who are looking for a whitening system that will give them fast whitening results.

Side Effects Of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

If you have decided to try laser teeth whitening, it’s important to prepare for the side effects that often show up. The teeth whitening gel has a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This is good because it oxidizes the plaque and other tooth build up.

But bleached whitened teeth tend to become sensitive to extreme temperature and excessive pressure. Since most of these teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide, it’s also possible to develop some gum irritation. This irritation lasts up to several days but gradually disappears.

Using Home Teeth Whitening Kits

To save money, effort and the side effects, it may be worthwhile to give home teeth whitening kits a try first. The first thing to do is to choose a teeth whitening product that’s best for you. Some teeth whitener products come with teeth whitening gels, teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening paint and possibly a teeth whitening tray.

Although a home teeth whitening system can save 2/3 of the cost of a dental cosmetic procedure, there is a wide price range that can be a matter of final results. When using home teeth whitening products, see if you the vendor provides a money-back guarantee which is an indicator as to the quality of the product.

A new but expensive product is a blue light that can be purchased for about $400 which emulates the procedure done at a cosmetic dentist’s office. It shines a beam on a whitening gel placed on the teeth so that the chemical reaction oxidizes the plaque and other tooth build up.

A very strong teeth whitener solution that relies on phosphoric acid should only be used by professionals in the dental industry. Phosphoric acid is used to etch teeth that are deeply discolored, but it is wise to remember that this chemical compound is also used to remove rust from metal.

The newer teeth whitener product doesn’t use strips or gels but a wet powder that is easier to apply to the teeth. Following this principle, some people create and use a teeth whitener at home based upon a recipe that usually includes baking soda and lime juice.

When using teeth whitening products, here’s a couple of things a person can do to help things out:

• avoid consuming food and chemicals that cause teeth discoloration. These include tobacco, coffee, soft drinks and foods that have dark colors.

• even though brushing teeth and flossing regularly maintain white teeth, vigorous brushing can wear away the enamel.

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