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How to use curling iron

Are you planning to give waves and curls to your hair for a new look? It is important to know how to use curling iron properly for this reason.

Firstly you need to figure out what kind of curls you want in your hair. The different kinds include thin spirals, thick tubes, bold waves or tight and formal curls. Separate your hair into sections with the help of pins so that the hair that is left hanging is either about to be curled or has already been curled. The number of sections that your needs to be divided into depends on the volume and thickness of your hair. Now go ahead with the following guide on how to use curling iron-

Step 1:- After dividing your hair into 2-3 sections, heat up your curling iron to the right temperature that best suits your hair. About 320 degrees is alright for fine hair and 430 degrees for thick hair. If you stick to a lower temperature, it will cause less damage to your hair.

Step 2:- It is important that you hold your curling iron the right way. Hold it vertically with the clasp facing forward. Start by curling the hair that you have left hanging and make sure you are doing this out and away from your face. Go on from the bottom of the strand of hair to the root of that hair and hold for about 10-12 seconds depending on the texture of your hair.

Step 3:- For a more natural look, switch directions of your curl. If you want an inward curl, twist the iron towards your face. Go clockwise and anti-clockwise directions with your iron and keep experimenting until you get exactly what you want.

Step 4:- As soon as one strand of hair is curled down, make sure you pin it up with a clip or a bobby pin for a more compact curl. Also make sure that every strand of hair before it is pinned up should be sprayed with a hair spray in order to tighten the curls that you have just created. Continue until you have pinned up all your hair.

Step 5:- After your hair cools down, unpin your hair and shake out the curls. Rake your fingers through your hair to fix any curl that has been messed up. You need to get rid of some of the structured ringlets that may have developed. After everything is done, spray whole of your hair with a hair spray to hold your curls for a longer period of time.

You have learned how to use curling iron. Now time to flaunt your beautiful curls!

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