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These Are The 10 Wonderful Sites You Dont Want To Miss

With bike week just around the corner, bikers from all over the country are pulling their motorcycles out of winter storage and cleaning up their leathers in anticipation of a another season of biker trips. While Daytona is definitely the place to be the week of March 5th we have chosen Twin Falls Idaho for a great spring ride.It’s probably best to wait until may or later for this one because of the weather..

You exit off I-84 and head south on Highway 93. Off in the distance about 40 miles as a crow flies is mt. Harrison. It will be capped white with snow through most of the year.

In about 3 minutes you’ll run into your first incredible sight the majestic Snake river Canyon and the Perrine Bridge This spectacular bridge spans the majestic Snake River Canyon on the northern edge of Twin Falls. It is 1,500 feet long and almost 500 feet above the Snake River,and popular for base-jumping.

East of the bridge on the south rim is the dirt ramp used by Evel Knievel when he attempted to jump the canyon on a motorcycle.

In the spring and summer Base jumpers come from all across the US to jump here. This is a great place to take some photo’s of the Base Jumpers and the beautiful scenery.

At the bottom of the canon is the dark beautiful Snake River. The Snake is a long winding river that crosses Wyoming, Oregon Washington and Idaho.

There are hundred of incredible sites to see in Twin Falls but I have picked 10 that I feel that you just can’t miss.

1. Shoshone Falls is one of the most spectacular of the natural wonders along the Snake River. At 212 feet it higher than Negara and during the spring months this is truly one that you won’t want to miss. People come from all over the world to see the magnificent sight.

They are best viewed during the spring, when water flows are high. Irrigation diversion of Snake River flows can significantly diminish water over the falls in the summer and fall during dry years.

2. Shoshone Indian Ice Caves. This cave complex is one of the natural wonders of the world. Trained guides explain the geologic, volcanic and historic background in these large lava caves with unusual, year-round ice floors. A museum contains Indian artifacts, gems and minerals of local and world interest.

10 Wonderful Sites You Dont Want To Miss

3. Snake River – Close to Twin Falls is the Snake River and there are large Areas of public land where there are opturnites for off-highway vehicle use, horseback riding, hiking, hunting, and whitewater boating. Guided raft trips are available from river outfitters who operate under a BLM permit.

10 Wonderful Sites You Dont Want To Miss

4. Miracle Hot Springs – Miracle Hot Springs is open year-round with 2 outdoor pools, and 19 private hot pools. The water is soft to the touch and naturally clean with a sensational alkaline pH of 9.6. The private pools are drained and cleaned after every use and the outdoor pools are drained and cleaned nightly.

10 Wonderful Sites You Dont Want To Miss

5. Niagara Springs – Thousand Springs State Park Tumbling down the canyon side at 250 cubic feet per second, Niagara Springs is a sight you won’t soon forget. The churning, icy blue glacial water is a National Natural Landmark and part of the world-famous Thousand springs complex along the Snake River.

Niagara Springs

The park provides a great opportunity to drive into the 350-foot-deep Snake River Canyon, but be cautious. The road is narrow and steep and not recommended for either motor homes or large trailers. Once inside the canyon, you’ll find year-round fishing in Crystal Springs Lake, including a handicap accessible site.

6. Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir – Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir is a 14-mile long reservoir that provides receptionists with opportunities to catch nine species of game fish. It is the premier walleye fishery in Idaho where trophy catches are a common occurrence. The reservoir has five recreation sites that provide primitive camping facilities.

Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir

7. Twin Falls County Historical Museum in the old Union School at Curry Crossing, the Twin Falls County Historical Museum offers its visitors a unique opportunity to take a step back to the early days of the Magic Valley.You can see the farm machinery that was used to level the land, and the daily items that made life easier for those who lived here.

Twin Falls County Historical Museum

From steam tractors to lacework, they display a wide variety of artifacts showing how life’s daily chores and pastimes were carried out. Butter churns, report cards, vintage clothes, photographs, patent medicines, plows, and postcards; all those little objects that together, show us the way that folks went about the business of making a place to call home.

8. Pomerelle Mountain Resort Pomerelle Resort – Located just 25 miles off I-84 (Declo/Albion exit #216) then via Idaho 77, Pomerelle is a relaxed, fun-filled, personalized day resort nestled in the Sawtooth National Forest. With an annual snowfall of 500″, it is usually one of the first Idaho ski resorts to open and you will enjoy virtually no lift lines during the season.

Pomerelle Mountain Resort Pomerelle Resort

Pomerelle offers 24 daily groomed ski runs plus graded tree skiing and caters to family-oriented ski/boarding enjoyment.

9. Snake River – Hagerman This is a popular place to stop for a picnic while exploring the Hagerman Valley or fishing the Snake River at Bell Rapids, which can be good for trout fishing. The Hagerman Valley stretch of the Snake River is a popular day trip for floatboaters.

Snake River - Hagerman

10. Jackpot Nevada Just 50 miles south of Twin Falls in neighboring Nevada are the fun-filled casinos of Jackpot. Gambling and entertainment is available at Cactus Pete’s, the Horseshu Casino, Barton’s Club 93, Jack’s Casino and Pony Express Casino.

 Jackpot Nevada

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