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Take Care of Your Fashion Jewelry

When you buy that gorgeous piece of jewelry, it is important to look after it so it is kept in its original state as long as possible. Caring for your jewelry is not difficult if you follow some simple and handy tips. Jewelry is delicate and should not be worn when going about daily laborious tasks. Therefore, only time will tell on how long jewelry can last.

Fashion jewelry needs to be looked after even more than gold.  Gold can be cleaned and polished but fashion jewelry is made from base metal and plated, therefore, should not be used as you would with a gold piece of jewelry. Silver jewelry also needs to be looked after as it is a soft metal and should not be treated in a rough manor.

When it comes to looking after fashion jewelry, there are certain rules in keeping it safe. First of all do not spray any perfume or deodorant on yourself while you are wearing fashion jewelry or spray directly onto it. Do not wear fashion jewelry in the shower, the beach and in the swimming pool. There is a high chance it will permanently discolor the metal. When removing your fashion jewelry, it is best to store them in a cool dry spot such as a jewelry box. It will last longer this way.

If there is a mark, it should be cleaned with a mild soft cloth or a jewelry cleaning cloth. Do not use heavy chemicals as it is not needed. The same care should also be taken with Sterling Silver jewelry. Silver jewelry is a valuable metal and should be handled with care.

One of the main concerns one has when owning jewelry is cleaning it. It seems very daunting. It is not as complicated as it sounds. Through constant use, our jewelry can turn dull and the pleasure we once had of looking at the jewelry glow somehow diminishes. As long as you use the right methods, you should be doing just fine.

Cleaning Different Types Of Jewelry

Below are the different methods to clean certain types of jewelry.

Costume Jewelry

These require careful attention since quite a few are made with a special cement that can get damaged by harsh cleaners. Wiping away the dirt with a soft, clean and moist cloth can clean these. Next, they must be thoroughly dried. Hot water and other forms of heat must never be applied.

Oxidized Jewelry

Never brush oxidized jewelry. Some types of oxidized jewelry can lose their beauty, when cleaned with a tarnish remover. Also, please avoid hot water.

Shells and Cultured Pearls

This must be carefully wiped with a moist cloth to get rid of sweat, dirt and oil build up from its contact with the skin. There are cleaners available particularly for pearls. The main thing to watch for is to ensure that the piece is completely dry after cleaning. Steam and hot water must never be used. Pearls are never soaked in chemical products or water.

Genuine Pearls

Never keep your favorite pearl strand soaked in water. Pearls must be worn as often as possible so that they can maintain their luster. Cleaning them is easy – just wipe them with a muslin cloth moistened with gentle diluted dish washing liquid.

Closed-Back Settings

Extreme care must be taken to avoid cleaning agents from lodging themselves in the setting as it makes it difficult to dry them. These pieces must never be soaked in water. The best way to clean them is to wipe them with a moist cloth and dry.

Gold Jewelry

Regular dish washing liquid can be used to clean gold pieces, after which they can be cleaned with plain warm water and dried. It is not a good idea to wear gold while swimming as the chlorine can make it look dull.Diamonds
Everyone is aware that diamonds are the hardest stones. However, it needs careful cleaning when set with platinum or other metals. Household cleaners and  even swimming pool chlorine and other household cleaners can harm diamond pieces. The best thing to use is a mild solution of ammonia and a gentle toothbrush to get into the nooks.

Silver Jewelry:

There are plenty of silver polishes available in the market. These can be in solution or paste form. Do avoid toothpaste, though as it is likely to damage the surface. Remove your silver before swimming. Other Quick Tips It is not advisable to wear jewelry while gardening. It is not advisable to wear jewelry while doing housework that involves contact with dust and cleaning materials.

Try not to place too many pieces in the same box as apart from being tangled, they can develop scratches which will be almost impossible to remove. Take time to inspect your jewelry from time to time to watch for stones coming loose so that they can be repaired without delay. Be very cautious when using chemical based cleaners.

Using the above tips, I wish you all the best in using your favorite jewelry for years to come. It’s not difficult to look after your jewelry. These simple tips will ensure the integrity of your jewelry for many years to come.

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