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Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is continuous exercise from a standing position. Using an aerobic step placed on the floor there is a series of aerobic steps usually in a choreography. A step aerobic dvd usually shows the step aerobics routines for the different levels of aerobics steps.

While aerobic exercise uses oxygen and burns calories, step aerobics offers a more intense workout. The only piece of fitness equipment is a plastic or pvc aerobic step. It is placed on the floor and is often adjustable from 2 to 6 inches high. It is inexpensive so that it can be used at home. Aerobic steps don’t usually require much space.

Step aerobics has been a very popular aerobic exercise for health and fitness since it was introduced in 1989. The athlete practices a series of dance steps or boxing routines. These are combined with arm movements to increase large muscle movement. The sequences burn fat. The choreography is usually performed to music.

Basic step aerobics involves placing one foot on the aerobic step and then the other. Then the first foot hits the floor followed by the other. A right basic begins with the right foot. The sequence can go from one side to the other of the platform or over it.

Step aerobics is an up and down exercise for fitness. This type of aerobic exercise increases the workload on the large muscles of the legs. When stepping down, the toes should hit the ground first. Steps back should be close to the platform at an angle no greater than 60 degrees. Stretching away from it at an excessive angle places undue strain on the joints. Stepping away at an angle of 60 degrees works the large muscles of the quadriceps.

Switching steps quickly increases body coordination and flexibility. Going quickly from right basic to left basic forces the tapping of the foot on the aerobic step instead of shifting weight. A smooth step alternates feet and does away with the tap. It can be difficult for beginners until they see it as natural walking with no weight shifting on the step itself.

Knee up aerobic steps raises one knee while on the aerobic step. After returning that same leg to the floor, there is a shift to right or left basic. It’s a way of shifting feet.

Other common moves are basic step, over the top, straddle down, split step, corner knee, I-step, L-step, T-step, V-step, repeater knee, and lunges.

Choreographed moves usually move at 32 beats. A basic step is done to 4 or 8 beats. Moves are strung together in a sequence. More advanced classes turn this into a dance routine. This makes the step aerobics workout more enjoyable and easier to prolong.

It is essential to wear good supportive shoes. Cross trainers support the feet better during lateral movements. These shoes do not have as much thread on the bottom as running shoes. They grip well but do not impede movement. Participants need to drink plenty of water during the exercise program.

This fitness exercise is practiced worldwide for good health and beauty. It is popular because it creates a great cardiovascular workout without the need for an extensive workout space or expensive equipment.

Always consult with your doctor or a certified professional trainer before undertaking any exercises, treatments, or dietary supplements.

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