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Spice up Your Relationship With Lingerie and Cosplay

Many will wonder what is about sexy lingerie or costumes that gets men hot under the collar. This could be the same woman, who has been with the man for many years, simply wrapped up in something particularly exotic, that makes him gasp and go ‘aah’! It is probably because men are very visual creatures and will see what they want to see. It really doesn’t matter, to some extent, whether the woman is overweight, a little older, or any other such negative condition, as long as she is presenting herself in a beautiful and sexy set of lingerie.  The man will simply see that this woman is there exclusively because of him and that should be enough to get the home fires burning.

White Lace Lingerie

Of course, with the advent of modern materials and exotic designs, the choice of sexy lingerie is virtually endless. Many women, once they have ‘dipped there toes’ into the pool of striking and interesting lingerie, are bound to become more interested in acquiring more pieces when the urge arises. Indeed, many will have a varied and interesting collection of sexy lingerie to ring the changes in the bedroom.

The husband will not know what or who is about to meet him when he gets home so his interest is always piqued. Men too have become interested in what the women in their lives are wearing for the boudoir. With the advent of the internet, men are now leafing through online catalogs to find something that interests them. They often purchase a special gift secure in the knowledge that they don’t have to face embarrassing moments with young sales ladies when they venture into the shop to get a birthday or wedding anniversary present.  This has made them far more adventurous and willing to get something a little more risque for the wife to wear.

Even dress-up outfits are available and many couples have resorted to having a ‘fantasy night’ where one or both will garb themselves in something completely out of their comfort zones. Extra short skirts or boy short, diamante bra and thong sets, naughty nurse outfits, cat women cosplay outfits, super hero cosplay outfits, school girl outfits, latex outfits   and stern teacher outfits are just a few of the many sets on offer for your cosplay fantasies. Even pearl studded g-strings are available and only meant for the bedroom since they could be far too uncomfortable to wear all day. The choice is many and varied and there just has to be something that will appeal to those who want to give this a try.

Surely, if this is all it takes to keep the couple interested in each other, then it can be no bad thing. Corsets and waist clinchers are made out of much more comfortable fabrics these days. Gone are the whale bone stays of yesteryear and the tie up corsets that left a woman very near fainting for lack of air. Today’s corsets usually come in two way stretch Lycra-like materials that not only cling in all the right places, but gently form the lady’s figure into smooth and sexy outlines. Push-up bras also give a good shape and we should all thank Howard Hughes forever for inventing the first under-wired bra!There is just something beautiful about seeing a woman, no matter what age or size, gliding along in one of these sets.

For some odd reason, if a woman feels elegant, she will move differently. Of course, they don’t have to cover everything right up to the neck. Some are almost backless save for some very fine straps holding the nightdress in place. Some are absolutely sheer and leave very little to the imagination, but just enough to get the man interested. Other floor length lingerie sets have slits to the hip and move languorously with every movement of the lady’s body. Shimmering, shining materials catch the light with every turn and most ladies love the feel of this material on the skin.

Men also like the touch of silky material so with this style of outfit, everyone is a winner.Many people have taken to wearing masks for that regular love tryst and it seems to make people lose their inhibitions when they are ‘hiding’ behind something. Even exotic make up is a kind of mask that will enable the wearer to fantasize and let go when the mood takes them. Masks come in many fashions including feathered and bejeweled fantasy masks that bring an extra zing to the event.

For someone even more adventurous, leather and shiny plastic is a favorite material for some rather sexy little numbers. Corsets and peep-hole bra sets matched with a feathered mask gives a kind of ‘cat woman’ look to the ensemble. Tight knee length shiny black plastic dresses also look extremely feminine and the plastic keeps catching the light in a great way.

No matter what style of outfits come and go stockings and suspender belts will always be favored by men of all ages. It used to be said, somewhere around the 1960s, that if a man could get his hand on that little bit of bare skin above Sexy Costumes the stocking then he was laughing.

In other words, he had a chance of having sex that night with the lady. This also became known as the giggle zone and became a familiar topic for discussion among boys and girls. Teddies and lacy little numbers, in all colors and sizes, are also very popular particularly among the younger set.

Fine ribbons and sheer lace seems to bring another touch of femininity to the woman concerned and she will act out accordingly.Gone are the days of bored housewives wrapping themselves in saran wrap to get their husbands interested in them, and may we all be grateful!

These days, women are more likely to be the instigator of an intimate encounter with their husbands, and men have become used to this. They often appreciate not having to always be the first one to make a move and enjoy the experience immensely.

Which Color is Good to Wear

Many people feel that there are certain benefits and beliefs, which are associated to every color of the rainbow from red to purple to green to black.Throughout history black has been seen as the most controversial color, which is actually the absence of color. For some individuals they associate the color black with death, while others feel that it symbolizes power and mystery.

However, in the fashion world black has always been a favorite color of many designers due to its slimming effects on the body and the touch of sophistication that it can add to an individual.The color red is seen as a very intense and extreme color, which will get immediate attention for you.

Red symbolizes love, warmth, blood, heat, fire, and passion. It has even been found that the color red actually has the ability to raise a person’s blood pressure and also has the ability to increase the appetite. When a woman wears lingerie in the color of red, then they have the ability to give the perception of power, happiness, anticipation, desire, excitement, and energy.

On the other hand, the color white is seen as cool, and gives off the appearance of being cool and refreshing. White stands for purity and innocence. White also represents cleanness and is used to convey cleanliness by doctors, nurses, and hospital staff every where. Having that light airy feeling can be had by wearing the color white in lingerie.

Wearing pink lingerie can make that special some one in your life feel calm, softhearted, and tranquil. Pink is considered to be the most romantic and tender color in the color spectrum. It is also the most feminine color, and it tends Lingerie to trigger thoughts of bubble gum, cotton candy, and little girls, because every thing is basically nice and sweet. Studies have been done that suggest the color pink actually shows a weak person.

With both genders, blue is seen as the most popular color. It symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, and trust, which is why police officers dress in blue. When going for a job interview, it has been proven that the best color to wear is blue. When you want to produce a calming effect, then blue is the color to wear. Studies have shown that the darker shades of blue actually has the same effect as black.

Bright yellow is known to be associated with cheerfulness and happiness, however, you need to be aware that this color may hurt the eyes of others when they look at it. This is why the softer shades of yellow tend to be easier on the eyes. Yellow lingerie tends to give off the appearance of playfulness and an easy going attitude.

Green symbolizes nature such as rain forests, leaves, and peace, as well as luck, money, renewal, hope, and youth. On a more emotional scale, green is considered to be neutral and can evoke the feelings of freedom and acceptance.

Some individuals see the color purple as being artificial, but it is symbolic for luxury, wealth, and royalty. Purple evokes feelings of passion, sensitivity, and romance.


Orange is seen as the color for couple that like to eat in bed. It is also associated with contentment, wholesomeness, and warmth. Orange even has the ability to arouse a person’s appetite.

The color brown is seen as earthly and woodsy. It creates the ambiance of strength, maturity, and solidity. Studies prove that men wear brown more than women, because it creates an open atmosphere.

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