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Signs of a Cheating Wife or Girlfriend

The signs of a cheating wife or girlfriend are quite similar. The differences usually arise because of the level of commitment and the amount invested into the relationship by someone who is married. In the case of a wife, you will be looking at someone in a long term relationship who may have kids and share an account with their respective spouse. For the purpose of this article it is really someone who have a large interest in the relationship or who would not be inclined so easily to leave. Therefore the signs that she is cheating will even be more subtle because in essence the situation is more embarrassing and she has more to lose.

Women in general are better at hiding infidelity than men. However, if you keep your eyes open you will see the signs your wife is cheating on you. In this review we will list the top ten signs that your spouse is unfaithful. If you are seeing two or more of these symptoms then it is time to move to the next step. This is to get concrete proof that she is messing around with someone else.

Only when you catch the cheater in the act will you be able to really know what the truth is. Therefore if you were thinking of breaking up then hold up until you are 100% certain.

Below are the top 10 signs of a cheating wife in order of rankings:

Greater attention to her personal appearance: Usually after some time of being married your wife will reach a comfort zone on her appearance and this includes how she dresses, her weight etc. This is because she knows you will be there with her and generally this comfort zone is only disrupted when there is a serious need to (e.g. impressing a new love interest).

Change in her usual routine: A cheating wife will want to do additional activities outside the home like hang with friends more or workmates after work. If this was the norm then that is ok however if this is new then you will have to watch out.

A new shining glow: Does your wife suddenly seem happy or on cloud nine for no reasons? Well, typically this occurs when a lady finds a new love interest and it is definitely not you.

Emotionally Distant from you: This is a classic sign of a cheating wife who is actually so involved with her lover that you take the back seat. This is also symptoms of an emotional affair in which she will be able to talk for hours with that special friend but can’t say two words to you.

Higher internet usage and fascination: An emotional affair can also manifest itself online in which you will notice that she seems more interested in socialising online than communicating with the family. Typically, if you want to catch your cheating spouse online you will simply install a computer monitoring application.

She has less interest in things around the family and home: A female’s priority is usually with her family. A shift or a change is a good indication something else is going on with her life. The question is what but do not be surprised if it is an affair.

Reduction in sex compared to before: A subtle sign of a wife who cheats is that you will get less sex. Women usually play it off that something is wrong with them and at times it can be. However, many times someone else is getting your goodies.

She is caught in Lies:  Lies is always a good symptom of infidelity in any relationship especially when it comes to where they have been or who they are actually with.

May mention that how she is not happy or satisfied with you: Is your spouse complaining constantly about your inadequacies?

Does she compare you with someone else? Well keep an eye open because chances are she is definitely comparing you to someone else close to her heart.

Well this comes to the end of our article on the symptoms and signs of a cheating wife we hope it offers much needed incite on what to look for when she is being unfaithful. You need to remember however that although it may seem that she is messing around does not mean that this is necessarily the case. Therefore to follow up and gather your evidence take a look at out article on how to catch a cheating wife.

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