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Protecting Yourself from the Negative Side Effects of Antibiotics

Taking antibiotics is sometimes necessary to rid the body of infections, but they wreak havoc on human gut flora.  The aftermath is sometimes more difficult to deal with than the initial illness.  Unfortunately, most antibiotics are broad-spectrum antibiotics, killing all bacteria in the body, both helpful and harmful. This can damage the effectiveness of our digestive systems and leave us vulnerable to fungal infections that are poorly understood and exceptionally difficult to cure.

Even one course of IV antibiotics can create permanent adverse effects in healthy gut bacteria designed to keep us healthy and fight fungal infections. This provides a strong argument for trying natural cures for bacterial infections instead, such as garlic, coconut oil, oregano and Vitamins C and D . Sometimes, however, serious antibiotics become necessary.Minimize the Damage and Heal Faster

Fortunately, we can take some steps to protect our immunity when antibiotics become necessary to save a life:Hydrate – By drinking extra water, we can begin flushing the toxic byproducts of antibiotics almost immediately.  Begin drinking extra water when starting a course of antibiotics and continue to do so for a week or two afterwards. During this period, avoid drinking too many diuretic beverages like coffee and tea.

Also avoid alcohol, which can further damage a liver that has been compromised from harsh antibiotics.Restore – Take probiotics during and after the antibiotic course.  Probiotics contain some of the “good” bacteria, acidophilus and S. Boulardii. You find these in foods like yogurt and raw sauerkraut.

Yogurt is tasty to many, but it is difficult to eat enough of it to make a real difference. Others find that raw sauerkraut is utterly unpalatable. For these reasons, supplements in capsule, powder and liquid form, can be a great help. Supplements work quickly to replenish the good bacteria that antibiotics attack. Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG supplements are best for children.

Always check with your doctor before taking any supplements, especially when it comes to kids.Helpful Herbs and Supplements – Taking milk thistle while using antibiotics can also help.  Milk thistle is an herb that helps the body deal with the overabundance of enzymes the liver creates because of antibiotic use.  In turn, that lessens strain on the gall bladder and the kidneys.  Preventive Practices

Remember, just one course of antibiotics can create long-term problems with the body’s necessary bacteria stores.  That can lead to a weakened immune system, so it is wise to consider replenishing probiotics with food and supplements on a regular basis.  Additionally, many bacterial infections are preventable through simple hygienic practices such as washing food, cooking it thoroughly, and washing hands before and after using the bathroom.

If you can’t avoid an infection, try to treat it with natural cures before going for an antibiotic. It’s your best chance at keeping a healthy immune system for the long term.If your gut bacteria has been compromised in can lead to fungal infections. If you have come down with toenail fungus Houston Nail Clinic can help with fast and effective laser treatments.

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