Princess Diana Helped Create Lush Gorgeous Moisturizer


\The late, great Princess Diana of Wales was a loving mother, a devoted philanthropist, a style icon…. and a cosmetic connoisseur?

It’s true, according to Lush Cosmetics. In fact, the natural beauty brand just revealed that the princess was such a huge fan of their products that one was made specifically for her.

Lush says that back in the day, co-founder Mark Constantine met with the Princess of Wales to learn about her skincare routine. Out of that meeting (and a bit of royal expertise!), the formula for Lush Gorgeous Moisturizer emerged. And it’s still a fan favorite today—despite its lofty price tag. Don’t get us wrong, though; this skincare splurge is worth every buck. 

What makes this moisturizer fit for royalty? For starters, it contains cold-pressed organic evening primrose oil to leave your complexion as soft as Lady Di’s. It also mixes a carefully concocted infusion of organic orange blossom honey and extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to its airy texture, Gorgeous Moisturizer is light enough to act as a canvas for your day’s makeup. Apply it at night after you cleanse and tone your face, and it’s guaranteed to make your skin glow. Talk about beauty sleep!

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