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An Overview of Arthritis Pain Relief

Pain relief is a very broad topic. People need pain relief for many different reasons. Arthritis, back injuries, muscle pain and chronic pain are similar in that each is painful, but each type of pain is different. Pain management can be a simple process for some and a very complex process for others. The pain associated with a broken leg is far more simple to manage than the pain caused by a complex syndrome, such as fibromyalgia.

Most pain management is multidisciplinary. A patient may see more than one professional or physician for the management of their pain. Medication, physical therapy, massage therapy, treatments and exercises are all used, in certain instances, to alleviate the suffering associated with painful conditions.

Treatments that provide relief from pain are determined by physicians according to a patient’s history, intensity of pain, duration of pain and situations which may aggravate or relieve it. Doctors use diagnostic procedures, physical examination and imaging studies to get a complete picture of what the patient is going through, before recommending treatment.

Most of the time, anesthesiologists are the ones who manage severe pain. In arthritis cases, rheumatologists will try to provide relief of pain, including knee pain relief and other joint pain relief. Arthritis pain relief can generally be administered by the patient at home, once prescribed by a doctor.

Arthritis is actually a very general term. There are over 100 different specific types of arthritis, and treatment protocols vary somewhat from type to type. The most common type of arthritis is, however, osteoarthritis. Around 27 million Americans suffer from this type alone.

All types of arthritis cause joint inflammation, which can be very painful indeed. The majority types of arthritis also include stiffness, warmth, redness and tenderness in the affected joints, which differ in degree with the type of arthritis suffered. Osteoarthritis generally affects the small joints in hands and feet, while gout starts in the big toe and can spread out and up from there.

A combination of medications for pain, exercise, and an anti-inflammatory medication is usually used for arthritis pain relief. Wet heat and eating a proper diet are helpful as well. With these treatments in place, most people with arthritis end up being able to manage pain and their day to day life.

The exact type of treatments recommended to a person for arthritis pain relief and pain management depend upon their age, weight, the type of arthritis, as well as a person’s ability to follow recommendations on their own. Depending upon these factors, any or all of the above treatments may be used.

Pain is a signal from the body that something is not right. If you are experiencing pain that you believe is caused by arthritis, or any other chronic pain, it is important to see a physician as soon as possible. Getting prompt treatment and chronic pain management is the only way to slow or stop permanent damage, especially in the case of arthritis.

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