OKC Thunder’s Andre Roberson Leaves Bad Tip After Signing $30 Mil Contract

Andre Roberson — the guy who just signed a $30 MILLION contract with the OKC Thunder — left a $14 tip on a nearly $500 restaurant bill … just hours after inking his new deal.

For real.

Here’s what we know … Roberson and 12 of his friends hit up Chupacabra Cantina in Austin, TX on Wednesday — downing vodka Red Bulls, vodka sodas and Long Islands.

We’re told Fly Dre and his crew seemed to be having a great time while rackin’ up the $487.13 tab.

Problem is … when time came to collect the check, dude left just $13.97 … that’s less than 3%.

Also, Roberson was trying to make the final bill an even $500 — but miscalculated the math (it’s okay, it happens).

Roberson went to social media to plead his case … claiming he didn’t feel like he needed to leave a tip at all because he only bought 1 bottle and “there was no service.”

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