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Our New Years Hair Resolutions

You’ve heard of New Year’s Resolutions, but what about New Year’s Hair Resolutions? Here at M+B HQ we’re on a quest to get the hair of our dreams in 2018 and while Milk + Blush Hair Extensions can certainly help along the way there are things that we can do to make our hair the best it can be this new year.

Christy – Milk + Blush Blogger

Christy recently had a hair disaster and as a result she’s been stuck in a styling rut; a messy bun has become her signature look and while that’s fine from time to time, she wants to branch out and experiment to avoid ultimate hair boredom. Christy’s New Year’s Hair Resolution is to be more adventurous with her hair and with her Milk + Blush Hair Extensions it couldn’t be simpler – from disco curls to super high ponytails, the world is her oyster!

Sioned – Ecommerce Assistant

Sioned, much like a lot of us, isn’t the best at getting her hair trimmed. It’s all too easy to avoid those salon appointments in a pledge to let our hair grow just that tiniest bit more, but missing regular trims can cause your hair to become dry and those split ends are only going to get worse. Stylists recommend having a trim every 6-12 weeks depending on your hair so Sioned is going to try and take a trip to the salon a little more often to maintain super healthy hair in 2018.

Rhian – Creative Assistant

Rhian is on a quest to get healthy hair in the new year. Recently she’s been feeling that her hair looks a bit dull and lacklustre and wants her hair super shiny and healthy. So, in a bid to get healthy, TV ad worthy hair Rhian’s resolution is to try out lots of different methods of haircare from home remedies to different products. Fingers crossed she’ll get the shiny hair she’s been dreaming of!

Esme – Ecommerce Manager

Esme has been highlighting her lovely blonde hair for years and, while it always looks killer, her New Year’s Hair Resolution is to stop getting it highlighted so much. Colouring – and especially lightening – your hair too often can cause quite a bit of damage not only to your tresses but to your bank balance too! In the new year Esme is going to have her roots blended into her highlights so she doesn’t have to get her hair touched up so often. Not only will this save her money and time spent in the salon every 6-8 weeks, but the grown out look is sooo on trend right now!

Gareth – Creative Manager

Being surrounded by girly girls and working in the hair industry, Gareth has picked up some handy hair tips; one of them being to use volumizing powder to texturise and make his hair appear thicker. While this is a great little styling hack, Gareth has become a little too reliant on this product and feels that it’s making his hair dry and prone to tangles. In the new year he wants to take more care of his hair and switch to an alternative. So, to get the look without the tangles Gareth’s hair stylist has recommended using a pomade instead to get the same effect while also hydrating the hair too – win win!

Mim – Vlogger

I am a complete heat junkie – there I said it! And although styling your hair with heat now and again isn’t the end of the world, styling it too much can be damaging. In an effort to treat my hair better in the new year I’m going to be experimenting with different heatless curling methods such as going to sleep with dutch braids to rock that Cali Girl, beachy vibe the next day. I’m also going to get into the habit of letting my hair air dry just to avoid any extra heat. Fingers crossed my hair will be  a lot healthier in the new year!

So there you have it, the Milk + Blush team’s New Year’s Hair Resolutions – what’s yours going to be?

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