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Natural Migraine Relief

Migraines are among the most painful conditions a person can endure. A natural migraine relief is invaluable to anyone who suffers from migraines. Natural migraine cures don’t necessarily come with the side effects of migraine medications. These side effects include sensitivity to light, to sounds and to smells as well as nausea and vomiting.

Natural cures for migraines are preferable for migraine relief as they minimize the chances of provoking more symptoms.

Natural migraine relief might not require ingesting anything. It may just involve a change in scenery or transporting oneself into a situation that greatly alleviates the pain that comes with migraine attacks.

A Dark Room Is A Natural Cure For Migraine

One of the best natural cures for migraines is a dark, quiet room. That’s because sensitivity to sound and light usually causes the most discomfort. Putting yourself into a place with as little light and sound as possible removes those triggers. It would be good to make sure that the room is a little warm to help you relax.

Make sure to cover your eyes, but a blindfold is unnecessary. A simple strip of cloth over a person’s eyes will do nicely. This natural cure for migraine requires that your eyes to stay open. It’s easy to tense closed eyes which make the situation worse.

Deep Breathing Increases The Natural Migraine Relief

Anxiety comes quite commonly with migraine attacks. This is further provoked from fear of the pain. One good way to fight back and restore the natural migraine relief is to practice some relaxation exercises. Deep breathing is one such exercise. This is best when coupled with the aforementioned dark room.

Take long, deep, slow breaths and exhale just as carefully. Repeat it and focus on how the air feels as it enters your body. Breaking a world record isn’t the objective. Inhale as much as you comfortably can and then exhale it just as slowly. Focus also on how the air feels as it leaves your body.

This concentration relaxes the entire body. Make sure to breathe out completely. Repeat this around five or six times. With each breath you should find yourself relaxing more and more. If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself falling asleep.

Lavender Oil

Natural cures for migraines usually use a little lavender oil. This oil is generally known for its positive effects on the human body and one of those effects is its ability to act as a natural migraine relief. The best news for many migraine attack victims is that it is quite cheap and quite safe.

Migraine attacks should be met with some lavender oil. But the lavender scent isn’t what you’re looking for. Use only pure lavender oil. A single drop of pure lavender oil is applied on each temple. Three or four drops should then be applied to the pillow or surface you’ll be resting upon.

Combining these three natural cures for migraines should make it easier for you to handle the next migraine. A dark, quiet room, some lavender oil and some relaxed breathing can all add up to natural migraine relief.

Always consult with your doctor or a certified professional trainer before undertaking any exercises, treatments, or dietary supplements.

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