MMA’s Gabi Garcia Bashes Tiny Old Lady’s Skull with Illegal Head-Kicks

Here’s what happens when you fight a chick that outweighs you by almost 100 pounds … and said giant lady doesn’t speak the same language as the ref.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu star Gabi Garcia — who’s listed at 6’2”, 239 pounds — just fought in her first ever Shoot boxing (Japanese kickboxing) match in Tokyo … and landed two illegal kicks to the dome that left her MUCH smaller opponent seeing stars.

Gabi’s first head-kick on 45-year-old Megumi Yabushita got flagged by the ref — but his warning looked to be lost in translation … ’cause seconds later, Garcia uncorks another more devastating skull-shot.

That one put Megumi down for the count — and possibly with a dislocated shoulder.

Gabi probably should’ve been DQ’d … but the match was ruled a no-contest. Maybe cause of that whole “I don’t speak a word of Japanese” thing.

Who wants next?

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