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Lace Bra

Many women feel lace should be avoided. This is primarily due to years of experience with itchy and stiff fabric, along with a desire to not have the lace show under clothing.

If you are one of these women, you get to rethink this. Manufacturers today are largely going out of their way to select softer and flatter filigree.

Historically, lace stiffness has been the primary result of a type of starch or sizing being soaked into the lace before sewing. They do this to increase the accuracy of the sewing – limp lace easily moves around.
Luckily for you, this sizing washes out after a couple of cycles, softening the lace.
So, don’t judge a lace bra by its first touch.
Manufacturers are well-aware that we don’t want scratchy lace next to our bodies.

Many laces now are flat, meaning the lace is made without any raised work in relief.
This shift stems from a large U.S.-based dissatisfaction with regular lace showing through tops. Flatter laces are a boon for women wanting to wear a lacy bra without others knowing. 

New, flat lace vs. original, regular lace

As an interesting side-note, most European women love the look of lace showing through clothing.
Their culture feels that seeing lace denotes that a woman is wearing a beautiful, expensive bra –  whereas the U.S. market wanted to avoid this look.
If you continue to see even a flat-laced bra through a top, it’s most likely because the top is sheer and this is the wearer’s desired effect.

Kim Kardashian sports a gorgeous flat-laced bra
underneath a sheer black top

Is there anything new with lace bras today? The answer is yes!
There’s a dawning of a new lace type, and it provides seamless detail like never before.
It’s moldable stretch lace and it provides a seamless lace cup that is supportive and molded without any padding or visible seams.

A brand exquisitely showcasing stretch lace is Empreinte, a French label “making an imprint” since 1946.
Empreinte has transformed lace, specifically, into a comfortable, seamless and even functional fabric that simultaneously provides total luxury. Moreover, Empreinte continues to bring forth the most allure for full- busted women with deep, ample cup construction providing shape and lift, in turn creating a smooth silhouette.

A lace bra is so pretty and sexy – every woman should own one, maybe in black – I guarantee that it feels great on and will make you feel great, too…even if only you know you’re wearing it.

Empreinte, Melody Underwired Seamless Bra 0786,

 This bra features seamless, lace cups for the most natural shape. The narrow center panel brings breast tissue forward and center, enhancing your silhouette for a slimming effect.


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