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Improve Your Relationship Fore Play and Fantasy Games

We’ve all heard that adding variety is the solution to a stale sex life. Let’s be honest though. There are only so many variations on the basic positions – and the idea of having sex while upside down isn’t exactly every girl’s cup of tea. There are also only so many places where most women typically feel comfortable having sex.

I don’t know about you, but joining the mile-high club isn’t an option for me. It sounds thrilling in theory, but when were you last actually in a plane loo? Trust me. Plane loos aren’t somewhere you want to hang around, much less grovel in!

The solution? Play the sex fantasy game.

Exploring fantasies keeps things fresh and exciting. Fantasies are limited only by you and your partner’s imaginations, meaning that you can bring something new to the table (be it kitchen, dining room or billiards) every night.

How to Play?

The idea may appeal to you, but how do you actually work up the nerve to suggest acting out each others’ sexual fantasies to your partner?

Here are some suggestions for getting things going:

Encourage your partner to write down an explicit sexual fantasy. Fold it up and promise not to read it until you’re on your way home from work tomorrow. It’s likely that you’ll both be in for an interesting evening.Introduce the idea of acting out your sexual fantasies slowly, with subtle hints.

Lingerie and Cosplay

Be careful that you don’t make your partner feel you’re criticizing him though. Start by finding out what he thinks would make things more exciting for him. Talk about your sexual fantasies just after having sex, when you’re both relaxed and not shy with one another. Next time the mood is right, you’ll both be remembering each others’ ideas and you’ll be less embarrassed to give them a try.

Venus versus Mars – Cosplay Fantasies

In sex, most men respond to visual stimuli. Women generally use a bit more imagination. For pleasing the man who joins you in playing the sex fantasy game, this is where props come in handy.

Fore Play and Fantasy GamesFore Play and Fantasy Games

Forking out for a nurse’s uniform or a French maid outfit may not be your style, but if you add any small, unexpected touch, it’s likely to go a long way. For a school girl, just a shirt and one of his ties. For the classic French maid, an apron and a feather duster!

Fore Play and Fantasy GamesFore Play and Fantasy Games

Turn the table on the typical school girl fantasy. You’re the strict school teacher and he’s a shy teenager. Take control – many men find this incredibly sexy because women so often play the less dominant role in sex. Apply the same logic to the stereotypical doctor/nurse fantasy or a typical office secretary / boss fantasy might work for you.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

Mostly men are more interested in fairy tales characters, so a better superhero, Nun or famous comic / historic cosplay might be right for you. The best part is all these costumes which can fulfill your kinky desires are available at Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress or any other famous online store.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games

Playing Dominance Games

As we have stated earlier that women most often play the less dominant role in sex, but it would be better if you switch dominance roles with your partner.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games

You Can also play dominance games such as master / slave or master / pet play involving fox tails and other accessories which you can easily get from Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress or any other famous online store. Behaving as the pet for other or slave is a remarkable idea.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games

Involving food in foreplay

Involve food and have a fun with your partner. You can have grapes, strawberries, chocolate syrup and of course the whipped cream.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games

You can decorate your partner with food and use him / her as table. If you love sushi you can try naked sushi with your partner.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games

Shower Together

Taking Shower together is something that most of the women desire. You can shower together in bath tub, take hot shower or swim together without clothes.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games

Cooking meal together and being naughty

You can stimulate your sex life by having working nude in kitchen / garden together or you can become naughty there.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games Fore Play and Fantasy Games

Arrange a meetup with your partner

Arrange to meet at a new place such as a coffee shop or a pub. When you meet, pretend that you’re complete strangers. Act the part – change your name and your look. Start with polite small talk and progress to serious flirting. Work your way to a “one night stand” with your partner, preferably somewhere other than at home.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

Become director to your movie

Star in your own sex movie. He’s the director and he has a camera. Then you’re the director and you have the camera. An automatic flash feature is a good idea, but do yourself a favor and make sure that the camera doesn’t actually have film in it!

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

A sex fantasy tip for women is to read steamy erotic fiction. Try getting your partner to read to you. You’re sure to find it funny, but it will get things going.

After you’ve used our sex fantasy tips and had the most exciting sex ever, you and your partner should stay close and talk, as yourselves. You may find that’s a lot easier than it has been recently.

Clitoris orgasm 

Among the various kinds of orgasms that women can achieve the clitoris orgasm caused by female clitoral stimulation is considered the best of the lot. Though there is a fair amount of talk about the g-spot and the search that men go through to find the same, the clitoris is relatively less talked about even though it is more sensitive and can be a cause of major stimulation and pleasure.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

The fact is that female clitoral stimulation is not something that every man can do and it requires you to understand the female body if you really want to provide a fair amount of pleasure to your woman. If the clit stimulation is provided as if it is a massage and the same movement is continued for some time, the process becomes painful. You need to therefore understand some of the good clit stimulation techniques that you can use so that she come around and begs for more. These techniques can be very simple but one really needs to know them if one wants to practice them well. Make sure that you understand the nuances that are involved in the whole process before you start to take charge.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

Clitoris stimulation is done best by using your tongue. This is the case because of the fact that the clitoris is a very sensitive part of the woman’s body and therefore using your strong fingers can hurt it unless you are very careful. Since the clitoris is extremely sensitive it also has a small hood on top and you can use your tongue to move around the cover, massage the clit beneath and also slide the tongue between the thighs. Similar constant movements should be avoided and you may want to change the rhythm every now and then so that you do not make it predictive. Also change the degree of pressure applied.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

The stimulation of the clitoris is a technique that is often used by women to obtain an orgasm while masturbating. This can be achieved by simply rubbing the clitoris on something. In most cases if the self stimulation is being done in your room, the bed is the best bet.

And obviously if you are talking about clit stimulation with your partner, then oral clitoral stimulation takes precedence over any other form of foreplay. The whole process excites the woman and really prepares the vagina to receive the penetration of the penis y making it wet and slimy so that entry is smooth.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

Women can have different kinds of orgasms and while there are other orgasms that women can have that include the vaginal or the anal orgasm, there is nothing that compared to the throws of ecstasy that can be achieved if the man used the process of female clitoral stimulation to achieve the best results possible.

Erotic massage

An erotic massage is something that you can give your partner to help in getting into a good arousal state. The fact is that as the relationship grows and you are with a partner for many years the butterflies in the stomach reduce and you no longer excited with the brush of a hand as you used to before. Sometimes if the couple is older then there is the possibility that the man has lost the firm erection that he used to get earlier.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

It is in times like these that a male erotic massage helps a lot to obtain and sustain the kind of erection that gives a lot of pleasure. While there are techniques that women can master to give a massage that he will not forget in the weeks and months to come, there are your own subjective customization that you can also do to ensure that you make the most of the situation. Make a ring with your finger and thumb and move the ring with the penis in between the ring. As you reach the top make a ring with the other hand and start at the base again.

An erotic massage can also be given by using the tongue and an oral massage given as part of fellatio can be extremely gratifying for the man. The use of the tongue to stimulate the male organ is also something you can improvise on your own, Twirl your tongue around the organ and then make movements from the base to the tip.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

You can also take the penis in the mouth while doing so. This will increase the level of stimulation that you provide to your man. Such a massage can also be given by the man to his woman to get her to an aroused state if need be.
Erotic massages can be a great way to get the woman into an aroused state. This is mainly important because as time passes women lose the ability to get aroused easily and many men complain about the fact that they seem to make excuses all the time when they want to have sex.

Couples can opt for couples erotic massage like Nuru massage where they massage each other by rubbing their bodies with each other to be able to ensure that the level of excitement and stimulation is equal on both sides before they enter into the actual act of fornication. This helps in ensuring that both the man and the woman get an orgasm together.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

It is a fact that a massage that is erotic can excite you to a stage where you feel that you are ready for penetration and look forward to it. The stimulation that it provides can be beyond any kind of other stimulation that one can look forward to. Female and male erotic massage is something that couples should try.

Fun under and over the table

It is something that gives you immense pleasure. The fact is that it is the forbidden thing that excites you even more. Have you ever thought about the fact that when you think of doing these things and smuggling a quick peck on the cheek when no one else is looking can create a ripple that goes down your sine and excites you much more than the same thing done in the privacy of the room. The excitement of someone seeing what you are up to and the fact that you are smuggling a touch or a kiss or sometimes even a glance, can make a lot of difference.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

The same psychology works when you are thinking of a person whom you cannot think of in the socially correct world in the naughtiest of ways. It is also important to note that footsie is an extremely flirtatious kind of an act and therefore if you are at formal dinner it is pertinent that you be careful about playing footsie under the table. You don’t want to be caught playing this flirtatious game with the wrong person by catching the wrong leg and therefore getting into trouble later.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

When you are along with your partner then it gets more exciting. You can play footsie pajamas and ensure that you are wearing loose pants while you do so. The movement of the foot or the hand up the loose clothing can tease the hell out of you or your partner.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

It is the teasing that provides all the fun and therefore make sure that you are not being too hasty in your movements. Make slow movements up towards the groin and then bring the hand back before you actually touch the member. The teasing and the desire can drive men and women crazy.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

Footsie is mostly played under the table. It is something that you do under the prying eyes of others and yet under the privacy of the table. The fact that you can do so even at formal dinners where propriety is the norm can get more exciting than if you play footsie pajamas.

Fore Play and Fantasy Games

When you decide that you are going to show your interest in someone by playing footsie, make sure that you are relaxed. The touch associated with footsie is not hard but is extremely soft. In most cases, it is the first physical contact that you make with the person you are interested in.

Playing footsie under the table can be fun. Don’t get stressed about it and spoil the entire fun element. While playing footsie under the table, make sure that you make quick secret eye contact with the person so you know whether the activity is having the desired impact or not.

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