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History of Auto Insurance

Car insurance is one of those things that everyone who owns and drives a car needs, not only to protect themselves from potential accidents while out on the road, but also because it’s the law. It’s understandable why automobile insurance has come to this, but we don’t all know exactly why or when this came about. Well, allow this article to alleviate you of that wondering!

Obviously, to start off from the beginning, the invention of the car needs to be brought up. The automobile started cropping up in the 19th century, and towards the end of it found more and more people taking to the streets with these engine powered vehicles, rather than a horse-drawn carriage.

With the numbers for automobile’s quickly rising each and every year, the likelihood of accidents was increasing as well, which only ended up in arguments between drivers as they tried to argue and defend themselves from paying the damages.

It was then in 1897, that an individual by the name of Gilbert L. Loomis purchased an insurance policy for his vehicle, even though it was written up as a horse and carriage policy. About a year later, the insurance giant, known as Travelers today decided that creating an automobile insurance was the best course of action for this steadily increasing mode of transport. By February of 1898, Travelers had their first customer, an individual by the name of Dr. Truman Martin.

By 1925, it was starting to become a form of law that car insurance was to be purchased for your automobile, simply not to the standards that we have to today. At first this law required drivers to show some sort of evidence to prove they could afford any repairs and damages in the case of an accident, and car insurance was the easiest way of going about this, at least in the case of Connecticut.

In Massachusetts, however, the law stated that drivers had to prove their financial responsibility for a car registration, which after a few decades became the standardized and compulsory law for drivers to uphold to if they wanted to legally drive their vehicle.

Originally the process for getting a quote involved looking over the vehicle, the state it was in, its general power, and then proceeding to combine all of those together to come up with an estimate on how much the insurance would cost you.

Over the years, this process has been refined, with the ability to call over the phone to get a quote being an option; on which they would ask about your age, how long you’ve been driving, the car itself, and a number of other factors along those lines.

Thanks to the wonderful creation of the internet, a once easy process only managed to get even easier when you can get a quote on your car insurance in less than a few minutes, and even compare hundreds of sites to see which has the best quote.

The speed and proficiency that came with buying auto insurance is one that really has come leaps and bounds over the last few decades, and what was once not the easiest or the quickest process has been considerably improved in recent years.

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