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Health Insurance in Times of Crisis Tips

During the period of austerity, the issue of health insurance insurance of employees requires more attention.
As a rule, it is not downsizing, and not always at the same time reducing the overall amount of work and thus increases the burden on other employees. It remains the most skilled workers who are able to cope with this stress.

In this situation, there are additional risks that it is important to correctly identify, assess and properly manage them.

What are the risks must be assessed on the employer’s circumstances:

The risk of illness of a key employee in the absence of a suitable replacement (reduced alternate).

The risk of dismissal of key employees. If an employee is required to perform the increased workload without adequate compensation, the risk of dismissal increases. It is a paradox, but the financial crisis is increasing competition for skilled workers who can do the job for 2-3 employees.
Medical insurance is a tool that will help minimize these risks.

Entry: completely abandon health insurance is dangerous, it can bring to the loss of key employees and loss of income.

Health Insurance: “It is important to choose the right one”

So you’ve decided not to allow the issue to drift and introduce a corporate system of protection of workers in case of illness. The health insurance selection is very crucial moment. You must take into account many factors, such as the taxation system used in the company, especially the age structure and sex of employees of enterprises, income, place of residence of workers, in particular the financial situation of the country, the presence of links to facilities medical and more. Optimal is a hybrid model that uses multiple solutions to organizational and financial problems.

A simple and does not require any material costs is the celebration of the MLA contract with the insurance company, which, as a bonus gives the employee discount card, which workers will be able to pay for medical services at a discount not included the territorial program of compulsory health insurance. The best option is to use 3-4 of contracts concluded by the company and the workers themselves.

Health insurance: “Choose the first option instead of the insurance company“

Sometimes the company is made proposals to the development of the insurance health insurance. Experience shows that the company officials responsible for carrying out such proposals, a vague idea of what they want and what kind of problems will be solved with the help of insurance.

Choosing a company oriented to the authorized capital size, reliability of ratings, the number of programs, the content of programs, the number of medical institutions, etc. But this is a dead end, which does not evaluate the product you want to buy. It may be just what you need for a very reasonable price and good quality is available for not very large company of regional insurance. So before choosing partners, clearly highlight the risks you want to minimize or eliminate, and then choose a partner.

Health Insurance: “do not list a lot of money”

Again, on the choice of insurance company during the financial crisis.

What would you have said, but no one can know today what will happen to a particular insurance company in 6-7 months. So do not particularly strain. Using a very simple way to solve the problem. No list so that the annual payment, choose the monthly payment option, which is more expensive, but much quieter.

Health Insurance: “determines the priority”

In the context of lack of money even Bole closely to address the procedure for making use of allocated funds. Maybe we should leave the allocation of funds for prevention and clinical examination. dental services also may be delayed. It is not recommended to save on the organization and guarantees payment of acute illness, especially if you need hospitalization and surgery. timely implementation of high-tech operations can significantly reduce disability employees on time.

Health Insurance: “Motivate neboleyuschih”

Recommended necessarily include neboleyuschih motivation mechanism. Of course, you need to do it after if funds remain after the solution of the problem of acute diseases. Mechanisms and motivation methods are many, including the expansion of the program at the expense of dentistry and spa treatment.

Health Insurance: “introduces the principle of partnership”

This principle is generally applied in two ways. First – the share of time in the transfer of funds (for the insurer or other entity with which concluded the contract). The second option is to participate in the payment of treatment when an entity incurs only a certain percentage of the compensation to pay for treatment costs.

We recommend that you change the relationship between the percentage of the company and the employee to pay for treatment, depending on the price of medical services. The most expensive service, the heavier service company. That is, the company mainly helps in situations where the employee is really hard to find the necessary sum for treatment, and the problems that do not require expensive employee handle on their own.

Health Insurance: “Controlling the use of funds”

Monitoring the use of funds allows you to manage the situation. With the lack of funds can reduce the program if the funds continue to be possible to review the payment size to expand the program and increase the number of employees, the project participants. Danger is not that the funds may not be enough, and that they will remain.

In the current situation, not fully trust the promise of insurance companies managers take into account the remaining funds in the conclusion of a contract for next year. First, you will be tied to the company, even if for any reason you are not satisfied for longer, and secondly, in terms of financial instability, these promises are not supported by legal obligations may well remain promises.

Health insurance: “Do not think that unused funds the insurance company will rely on the conclusion of a contract for next year”

Again, we note that these promises are generally not recorded in the documents, and the insurance companies have no legal obligation to do so. Promises usually gives the representative of the insurance company, and decisions taken by the head. A representative may at the time of termination of the contract to work at another company. If the company has a strong commitment to other types of insurance, it is any unused funds account can be no doubt, it is necessary to meet the obligations recorded on paper.

General recommendations. In a crisis, those who have used the security

mechanism should not abandon it altogether, although cost reduction is probably going to happen. We must carefully analyze the statistics of recent years and the option to choose more carefully, determining priorities.
It is dangerous not to use the health insurance mechanism as a means of reducing the waste of time of highly qualified employees working and retain them in the company. In the context of increasing pressures on a qualified professional, and increased competition for him in the labor market

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