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Getting Active Again As an Adult

The athletic show of skill in the Olympics was the product of intense training and long hours of dedicated hard work. For those who haven’t made a career out of a sport, fitting exercise into an everyday routine can be difficult. Work, family and friends all become a priority. Going to the gym on your own can be boring. Taking up a new sport or activity is a great way to feel a bit healthier and make some new friends, too.


Zumba has become popular in gyms and at home. It can be great for those who enjoyed dance when they were younger and want to get back into it. Its energetic moves have helped it make its way into most sports centers and gyms. But not all styles require quite as much fitness though. If Zumba isn’t your thing, other styles of dance can be just as fun. Why not try out a beginner class for swing, ballroom or even Bollywood dancing?


If you can’t get to leisure center or afford a new class, try local walking clubs. This may not seem like the most exciting activity, but it can enjoyable depending on your area. It can be perfect for those who can only manage gentle exercise or just want to enjoy the local countryside. Living in a rural area is ideal for this, as there will be walk routes already established. It’s easy to increase the intensity of a walk by looking for harder routes.  You can even take it to new heights by advancing on to hiking.

Novelty Fun Runs

Charity runs are going on all the time, but a novelty fun run can be an exciting way to train together with friends. The zombie craze has hit the world. Many have devised plans to survive the imaginary zombie apocalypse, but now it is becoming a real possibility.

Races range from 5K obstacle races to surviving for a few hours in a city infested with zombies. Varying fitness levels are accepted and you can be a survivor or volunteer as a zombie. Don’t worry about getting bitten or making head injury claims, as all of the activities are marshaled. They are about having fun and violence will not be tolerated.

University sports

Going to university, whether fresh out of college or returning as a mature student, can be a great opportunity to try different sports. During Fresher’s Week, some universities offer free gym classes to attract new students. When societies recruit new members at fairs, they accept those who have had no experience of the activity. Even if you don’t enjoy it and leave, it will be an experience. Getting into societies can help you socialize as well as get fit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting back into sport or are starting something new. Sport and activities aren’t all about the exercise. It’s as much about the fun and the team work too. Search for leisure centers, adult activity centers and local classes to get started with making new friends and keeping yourself active.

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