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Encouraging You To Get Help to Quit Smoking

If you have recently decided to get help to quit smoking then you deserve to be congratulated. You have just taken the first step to a healthier and happier life. According to the American Cancer Society, it was recently estimated that about 21% of the population in the country are consuming cigarettes.

Even though this is half the amount of smokers found in the mid 60’s, it still means that millions of American adults and even teenagers continue to smoke. If you are trying to get help to quit smoking or you wish to help someone quit smoking then this article is for you.

Addictive and Harmful Chemicals

With all the known diseases that are directly related with smoking, one would think that all smokers would make an effort to seek smoking quit help.

Unfortunately, some people do not take the consequences of smoking as seriously as you. Some are already deeply addicted. Some smokers who do seek help quitting smoking end up going back to their addiction again.

Nicotine is the primary substance in tobacco that causes smokers to become addicted. However, there are far more chemicals that are found in a single stick of cigarette such as carbon monoxide, tar and many more. If you are seeking help to quit smoking then it would help to learn about the various diseases and conditions that you are bound to experience if you don’t get smoking quit help.

Problems Caused by Smoking

The leading cause of death in America today is heart disease. Even though not all heart disease patients are smokers, smoking can directly contribute to cardiovascular diseases. Other life-threatening illnesses that can be caused by smoking are cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and more.

Aside from these diseases, smoking can also directly affect a person’s skin and dental health. The chemicals in cigarettes reduce the amount of healthy blood that is supplied to the skin. The vitamins, oxygen and collagen in the skin become depleted. This results in dryness and wrinkles. This is why smokers tend to age quickly and look much older than their non-smoking counterparts.

Aside from causing bad breath and staining the teeth and gums, smoking can also lead to more serious dental diseases such as gingivitis and cancer of the mouth.

Help Yourself Quit Smoking

Seeking help to quit smoking is undoubtedly one of the most challenging things that you can ever do in your life. In preparation for weaning yourself off cigarettes, you need to clearly establish the reasons that have motivated you to get help quitting smoking.

For instance, motivate yourself by imagining the much better health condition you will have once you have succeeded in quitting-you will be able to breath better, taste foods better, have more energy, have whiter teeth and more supple skin.

You will also look and feel younger. You won’t have to worry about gradually developing cancer or heart disease. You will be able to save the money you spend on your vice and use it on more worthwhile expenses. If you are planning to have a family then your child will no doubt be much healthier as well.

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