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Is ‘dusting’ your hair the key to long dreamy locks??

Before you bolt for your mums bottle of Pledge ‘dusting’ means something totally different in the hair world. It’s basically the process of removing all of your split ends without taking off any length so it prevents further damage and keeps your hair looking super healthy. Sounds dreamy right?

Today we’re gonna share with you our fave 3 methods for ‘dusting’ at home. They’re super easy and will leave your hair feeling smooth, shiny and easier to style too. Split ends don’t take to heat styling very well and can end up looking really crispy, which is never a good look! To dust your hair at home you’ll need to pick up some sharp hair scissors and keep in mind that it’s easier to dust your hair when it’s straight. Another thing to remember when you’re cutting is that it’s called dusting because the bits you’re clipping off should resemble dust. So don’t chop off too much! Make sure you’re over something that will catch the hair too.

The Fold

This first one is the best way to get split ends from all over your hair. Start by taking a section of hair close to your hairline and weave it through your fingers. Make a bend in the hair so that your split ends will poke out and snip off any you can see. Then start moving your fingers down your hair and keep snipping until you get the ends.

The Twist

This one is great if you don’t have much time and just want to quickly freshen up your locks. Take a section of hair and keep twisting it until it’s tight and your split ends start poking through. Take your scissors and snip away the damaged ends that are sticking out, making sure not to get to close to the rest of your hair. Simple!

The Pull

This last one is easier if you’re cutting someone else’s hair but it’s still worth a mention.Take a section and pull it straight out so that it’s flat. Then take your scissors and run them down the section, flat to the hair, to pick up any dead ends. You need to make sure you pull the hair really tight and keep the scissors right on top of the hair to pick up the splits.

It’s a good idea to ‘dust’ every 4-8 weeks but this will depend on the length of your hair and how prone it is to damage. If you want to keep your hair length then it’s important that you don’t trim it too often. Staying on top of damage means you won’t have to take inches off every time you go back to the salon preserving your healthy hair growth.

So, is this the key to growing super long locks? We totally think so!

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