Malcolm Gladwell Goes On Bill Simmons’s Podcast, Delivers Sweaty Monologue On Nigerian Basketball Superiority

Photo: Bryan Bedder (Getty) Malcolm Gladwell appeared on Bill Simmons’s podcast today to advance the claim that Nigerians would be the best possible basketball team composed of members of any one race. He began by arguing that the player’s parents’ country of origin would determine their Nigerian origin, and then kept building from there. Nobody ever offered a good explanation ...

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Carmelo Anthony Should Just Retire

Photo: Butch Dill (AP) Soon-to-be former Rocket Carmelo Anthony missed his third straight game tonight with what the team is calling an “illness,” though he’s really been held out since a disastrous game against the Thunder because the Rockets are in the process of getting rid of him and want to save face as they unceremoniously dump him only 10 ...

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