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Members Vlog – November 2018

After returning home and taking some time to settle back in and process the epic 7 weeks in Europe for the EU Roadshow, your members Vlog is here! This special members only video is a wrap-up of the Roadshow and includes many behind the scene images. Watch closely, you might see yourself or a friend! Be sure to leave a ...

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8 Reasons Why You’ve Got Foamy Urine All Of A Sudden

It’s really easy to totally ignore your pee if everything is running according to plan (i.e., a light colour, steady stream, and faint smell). But when something is very noticeably off—like if it reeks of, well, urine, or if it looks super-yellow—it definitely gets your wheels turning; and that’s a good thing because your pee can actually tell you a whole lot about your overall ...

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Alexis Ren Is Killing The Game on Instagram

There’s only one woman who can match Emily Ratajkowski‘s dominance on Instagram and it’s Alexis Ren. And now after Dancing with the Stars is over… she’s coming for the crown. Evidence below. Also, check out: Genie Bouchard is on Vacation and it’s Great View this post on Instagram next chapter A post shared by Alexis […] The post Alexis Ren ...

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