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Is Red Meat Bad For You? Like, All Bad?

The latest science You may remember the kerfuffle a couple of years ago when the World Health Organisation officially classified regular red meat (pork, beef and lamb) as a Group 2A carcinogen, “probably carcinogenic to humans”. So has anything changed since then? Most red meat research focuses on whether it might increase your cancer risk, and here there’s some good ...

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7 Healthy Snacks All Peanut Butter Fans Will Love

Love snacks? Love peanut butter? Yeah, us too. So say hi to your favourite healthy treat, seven different ways. 1. Moonbean Peanut Butter Chip Cookie Bites These peanutty cookies are packed with real, raw, good-for-you ingredients like honey and cacao. Best part? You can feel saintly because no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are added to the mix. R59.90 at ...

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Here’s How To Check Your IUD Strings

Okay, you finally got that intrauterine device (IUD) you were thinking about, and you managed to survive the whole insertion process. Whew. Now, you don’t have to think about it until the IUD has to be replaced (like three to 12 years from now, depending on the type)…right? Well, kinda. Yes, IUDs are super low-maintenance and long-lasting (that’s probably part, if not all of, the ...

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