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The Best Weight Loss Program

What is the best weight loss program? Goodness knows there are more than enough weight loss programs to choose from. Indeed, choosing a weight loss program is not easy.

Weight loss programs vary by type of diet. There are low carb diets, low fat diets and vegetarian diets. Weight lose programs also vary by components. There are weight loss programs that combine dieting, physical exercise and diet pills. Some even involve meal delivery.

Weight loss programs also vary by structure. There are structured, commercial weight loss programs, and there are unstructured, do-it-yourself weight loss programs.

Finally, weight loss programs vary by mode of access. There are online weight loss programs, and there are book-based and offline weight loss programs as well.

The question now is which type of weight loss programs should you follow? We know for certain that we should only go for healthy weight loss programs. This means you should never go on a crash diet or starvation diet. Sure, you’d lose a lot of weight if you don’t eat. However, what good is losing a lot of weight if you won’t be alive to enjoy it? Of if you have lost your muscle mass along with the extra fat?

This article will give you weight loss program facts that will make it easier to choose the best weight loss program for you.

After studies were conducted, it was found that commercial weight loss programs are more effective than self-help weight loss programs.

Stanley Heshka and company (2003) compared the effectiveness of commercial (paid), structured weight loss programs and self-help programs. The self-help weight loss program group was given materials and information on weight loss. The commercial weight loss program group was given vouchers from a commercial vendor. The study lasted two years. At the end of the study period, the commercial weight loss program group lost more weight than the self-help group.

Heshka’s study proves that a commercial, structured weight loss program is more effective than a do-it-yourself weight loss program. This is not to say that self-help weight loss programs are not effective. However, commercial, structured weight loss programs are designed by health and weight loss professionals. Thus, you are much more likely to lose weight if you follow a commercial and structured program than if you follow a do-it-yourself weight loss program.

If you really want to lose weight, the best thing you can do is to sign up for a commercial and structured weight loss program. You can also go to a dietician and have him or her design you a custom weight loss program.

Structured Weight Loss Programs Are Similarly Effective

According to the preliminary results of the BBC diet trials, commercial weight loss programs are similarly effective. In this study, four commercial weight loss programs or diet plans were compared. The participants had to change their eating habits according to the meal plan of the weight loss program to which they were assigned.

After six months, the participants who rigorously followed their respective weight loss programs lost weight and body fat. Weight and body fat loss among the study participants on different diet plans were also more or less similar.

This indicates that, in the long run, you are going to lose weight as long as you follow a structured weight loss program. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Plan A or Plan B. In the end, you’ll achieve what you want: body fat and weight loss.

Of course, it has to be noted that the BBC diet trials referred to above involves only four diet plans. There are more than four diet plans around, as you already know. There’s the South Beach diet, a low carb diet like Atkins. There’s the Jenny Craig weight loss program. Other diet plans include the Zone Diet, the Dean Ornish vegetarian diet, the Tony Ferguson weight loss program, etc.

The Appetite Suppressant Diet Plan As A Weight Loss Program

A diet plan that is not a diet plan yet gives you the same fast weight loss is an appetite suppressant supplement. This can come as a pill, a tablet or even a powder. Its purpose is to expand in volume within the stomach while it retains water. At the same time it releases natural ingredients that fool the stomach into believing it is full. The net result is a lowering of the daily calorie intake. Care needs to be taken to insure that the ingredients released do not create side effects.

So, what is the best weight loss program?

Now, let’s answer the question we wanted answered all along. What is the best weight loss program?
According to the studies cited above, effective weight loss comes from structure and design. Therefore, structured weight loss programs are better than do-it-yourself weight loss programs.

The studies cited above also shows that it doesn’t really matter which weight loss program you follow. In the long run, structured weight loss programs will give you almost the same results.

That being said, it is important to make sure that you pick your weight loss program carefully. Make sure you

• Go only for healthy weight loss programs. Choose a diet plan that features healthy food choices, eating habits and lifestyle changes. Absolutely no crash diets and weight loss programs that involve only magic diet pills.

• Pick a weight loss program you can live with. In other words, don’t go for a diet if you know you can’t follow its meal plan. That would just lead to a lot of frustration.

• Choose a diet plan that involves a consultation with a professional weight loss counselor. For that matter, make sure your weight loss program has been designed by health professionals. Your trainers must also be credentialed weight loss experts.

• Go for a weight loss program that provides sustainable results. Your weight loss program should teach you not only how to lose weight. The best weight loss program should also teach you how to keep it off.

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