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Best Spices for your Health

Fall is in full swing and the holidays are just around the corner. Fall is more than just tasty treats and good eats. Some ingredients are actually better for your health than others. Most people don’t think about spices more than adding more flavors to a dish, but our ancestries knew how to use spices for their overall health. They knew which spice could cure a headache, turn the frown upside down or reduce inflammation. Use these spices and head straight to your kitchen for helping what ails you.


Garlic is a great food that can help your over all health by boosting your immune system. Garlic can fight white blood cells. Garlic can block viral infections. There are many ways to cook garlic, you can roast it, then squeeze it over a sandwich or toast.


If you feel queasy or upset stomach reach for ginger. Ginger candy, ginger strips or ginger ale are all good choices for reducing an upset stomach. The digestive track is soothed when ginger is added into the diet. Ginger can actually help prevent you from throwing up. If you or your family is feeling ill, add some ginger into the diet.


Cinnamon is a great ingredient to add into your diet if you are at risk for diabetes. It can actually help lower your diabetes risk. Cinnamon can also help reduce blood sugar and reduce harmful cholesterol. Some studies show cinnamon can help burn fat because it boosts metabolism.


Cilantro in its leafy form, also known as coriander is a powerful bacteria fighter. It can destroy dangerous cells. You can add seeds to everything for an added boost to your health.


Turmeric has cancer-fighting properties. The antioxidants can fight cancer by blocking a protein that promotes cancer growth. You can add this spice into many dish’s such as humus of pasta.


Saffron can relieve PMS symptoms such as mood swings and low energy. If you body is fatigue, this spice can help relieve the low energy. This spice has also been known to relieve moderate depression. Many antidepressants will use these ingredients to help relive pain.

Many ingredients, especially these spices are good for your overall health. Eating them regularly can help you feel more balanced. What you put in your mouth can and will effect your whole body. Including your oral health, which is the first thing the foods interact with. Visit your dentist for more oral health advice.

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