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Attract More Love Romance By Altering Your Perceptual Position

If you want to learn more about how to attract the attention of others and to attract more love into your life, it can help to alter and vary the position of your perception of your self and others.

How do you view your self? I want to run an idea past you about how you perceive the world around you and your self. Your perception of any experience depends on the position from which you perceive it. I am going to mention three positions here that are useful to you with developing attraction and enhancing the love in your life.

They are known quite simply as the first, second and third positions.

– In the first position you are in your own body, looking out through your own eyes, seeing things from your own point of view.

– Being in the second position means stepping into someone else’s shoes, imagining what it is like to be them, looking at the world through their eyes.

– The third position is taking the stance of a third person that is viewing events in which you are involved, a bit like being a fly on the wall (how many times have I wanted to do that?).

You see, taking different perceptual positions enables you to step out of what you are currently experiencing and experience your self in a fresh, new light. It can spice up your perception of your self and make it easier to understand what others perceive in you and how to make you easier to lavish lots of love upon. It allows you to see yourself from a different perspective and gather different kinds of information about your self.

You can also keep a keen eye on how your own behaviour might be affecting other people, and then of course how they might feel about you. Taking different positions enables you to access information that your unconscious mind already has that you may have been overlooking. You can be aware of things that you may not have had a conscious awareness of previously.

So, how about in addition to having your ongoing experience of life solely seeing from inside your own eyes in the first position; you wonder what it is like to be someone else in the same situation, from the second position? Look at your self and see what it is that you can love about your self and you will no doubt find it much easier to ensure you get lots of love without waiting for Valentines day to come around.

Imagine how other people might see you; this is especially useful if that person was someone you know to have a good level of self-esteem and love in their life too.

Thirdly then, see yourself and others as if from an outside perspective, looking at the larger picture as in the third position. Then you can think of using this idea of taking different perceptual positions when you encounter any kind of conflict or when planning a project or evaluating a situation or if you ever feel stuck on something or you are ever in need of a bit more love and want to find more things to enjoy about your self and your life.

Loving your self is like growing and developing self-esteem and confidence in your self and helps with so many things that you and your personal development will benefit from.

When you truly appreciate how others perceive you and update your behaviors accordingly, you can discover how easy it is for others love you more. Enjoy experiencing life from a new perceptual position.

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