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45 Things She Wants But Never Says

There are things that your girlfriend wants, but for some reasons, she won’t say it out herself. These things are easy to do, but to do all of them, you must be a really sweet and caring man.

1. Touch her waist.

2. Talk to her, truly.

3. Share your secrets with her.

4. Give her your coat.

5. Kiss her gently sometimes.

6. Hug her.

7. Hold her tight.

8. Play with her.

9. Go with her to somewhere.

10. Hang out with her and her friends frequently.

11. Smile with her.

12. Take photos with her.

13. Set her picture as your screen.

14. When she says she loves you more. Deny it. Tell her she’s the one who is loved more.

15. When someone says they love her more than you do. Deny it. Hold her tight, show her how much you love her. This makes her feel loved.

16. Play with her hair.

17. Give her unexpected kisses.

18. Hug her on her waist from behind.

19. Tell her that she is beautiful

20. Tell her what you think about her.

21. Hold the door, always open the car door for your girl and never let her walk on the side closest to traffic. It makes her feel protected and it never hurts to be a gentleman.

22. Tell her that she means everything to you, when you mean it.

23. When you feel that there is something wrong with her, ask her. And if she denies it, it means that she does not want to talk about it, then simply just hug her.

24. Make her feel loved.

25. Kiss her lovingly at the front of your female friends. She might refuse it, but honestly, she just loves it.

26. Don’t tell her lies.

27. Don’t cheat on her.

28. Take her to wherever she wants.

29. Send her message or call her to make her day, tell her how much you miss her.

30. Stay with her whether she needs you there or not, just to let her know that you’ll be there whenever she needs you.

31. Hold her tight when she feels cold.

32. Whenever you feel lonely, come hug and kiss her.

33. Kiss her on her cheek. Then she knows that it’s a real kiss.

34. When watching a movie, put your arm around her, rest her head on your shoulder, lift her chin up and give her a long kiss.

35. Never tell her to go away even when it’s a joke or you’re uncontrollable. If she’s sad, try to comfort her.

36. When people criticize her, stand on her side.

37. Look her at her eyes, and tell her you love her.

38. Laying down, looking at the stars, put her head on your chest so she can hear your heartbeat.

39. When walking together, grab her.

40. When you hug her, try to do it as long as possible.

41. Call or send message to say good night.

42. Comfort her when she’s crying, and wipe her tears.

43. Walking with her for long at night.

44. Always remind her of how much you love her.

45. When you are sitting higher than her, bent down, kiss her when she’s still happy after hearing that you love her.

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